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How To Store Silver Jewelry Set

Are you finding the right way how to store silver jewelry sets? We are here to help you out. We will tell you some amazing and effective ideas about how you can store your silver jewelry. When you purchase some expensive necklace or some high price ring or bracelet, you aim to get the most out of that jewelry. Whether it be gold or silver or some other fashion jewelry, if you take good care of them, they will get along with you for a long period. There are many different ways to protect and preserve your jewelry but do you know some of them could be unfavorable? There are some factors that you should consider, such as the material you are using, type, and jewelry’s actual worth. The most important thing is wherever you keep it, it should remain dry and clean.

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How to Store Silver Jewelry Set

There are some of the best ways in which you can protect and store your silver jewelry set about which we will tell you. Following are the steps:

Segregate All Your Jewelry

The first task is to make a list of groups based on how you classify them. It could be either casual or formal wear, but it is better to classify them by the type of metals. You should keep your costume jewelry apart from your gold or silver jewelry set. The reason is that when you keep them together, the chances of getting scratches or tarnish rise more than any other condition.

Clean Your Jewelry

When you have segregated them into different classes, now is the time to clean them and take out the dirt and oil stains. Even sweating can interfere in the color-changing process, and it will make your jewelry look like an older one. It is always advised to clean them from all kinds of stains before you store them. If you contain this cleaning habit regularly, you might not be needed for a thorough cleaning. Only wiping them would be enough to retain and store them. Make sure when you wipe, the cloth should be soft, and scrubbing must be gentle too. When the wiping is completed, let it dry and get back the actual shine and sparkle. Now, it will be all ready to go for storing in concealed boxes.

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It is necessary to make sure you do not put it without properly drying it. The reason is that moisture is the biggest enemy of your silver jewelry set. It will make your jewelry suffer and tarnish, which you would never want. Be very sure that your jewelry does not already have some tarnish or dirt. If you are planning to store it for more than a week, existing tarnish will result in excessive tan. Even when you put some untarnished jewelry with the one that is a little bit tarnished, they both will start to tan quickly.

Anti-Tarnish Paper

There are these anti-tarnish papers available in the market that you should consider. They will solve your problem once and for all. They are great for preserving and storing your silver jewelry set. You can easily purchase them through the market and wrap them to every piece before putting them in the airtight boxes. These anti-tarnish or eyeglass papers are quite active to keep your jewelry shining and sparkling the same as before.

Airtight Or Zip Lock Boxes

These are the new boxes that are doing the protection and storing of your jewelry just right. You can trust these boxes without having any doubt. They are proactive in resisting the tarnish off your silver jewelry set and keep the shine and condition as good as new. It is always to wrap your pearls and gemstone sets in some soft microfiber, either anti-tarnish or tissue paper. These boxes will avoid the most moisture let in the box, and they are responsible for storing over a long period.

Store Your Jewelry in a Dark and Cool Place

Your silver jewelry set is the best protection when you store them in a box with felt lining. This felt takes up the duty to absorb the majority of moisture and does not let it get inside the box. If your jewelry pieces are not that small to store in a single box, you can get the felt pouches for separate piece storage. But the main thing is silver is decent and classy, but it asks for a little maintenance too. With all this protection, you should also polish your silver in a year or two, and there will be no issue of tarnish. Try not to do it yourself and let the professionals do their job. The main reason is that you should not overdo the polishing as it also gets harmful.

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What Else?

These are all the main things about the proper storage and protection process for your silver jewelry set. What else you can do is make it less prone to tarnish so that it incorporates with storing and let it be there for long.
You can keep the silica bags or packs in your airtight or zip lock bags. They are the best to absorb the remaining moisture and leave no room for the humidity to spoil your silver jewelry set. When you wear that precious silver jewelry of yours, make sure you are not going to the gym, cooking, cleaning, or swimming. All of them can spoil your silver easily. Excessive light and heat can also ruin your silver. Try not to expose it to sunlight or heat for a long time, or the results will not be favorable at all.


Now you have an idea about how to protect your silver jewelry set. The bottom line is that your jewelry needs to be dry and clean after every use or at least once a week. Tarnishing happens because of the moisture that stays on your jewelry. Try to store your jewelry in separate boxes or compartments. Use silica packs because trust me; they are lifesavers.

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