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Can you get a similar pendant like the one in titanic?

No matter what kind of earth-shattering romantic movies they make these days, titanic will be our all-time favorite. similar pendant It has its place in the cinematic world where movies like these have changed our way of thinking. It has altered the way we look at romance. We can’t deny that titanic has been a romantic movie everybody has seen at least once in their lives. Let’s not forget its “heart of the ocean” with its iconic painting scene, it gripped our hearts right from the start.

Since the launch of the movie, there have been many productions of necklaces that were highly influenced by the necklace. The necklace has such a romantic feel to it that the jewelry industry couldn’t help being inspired by it. Many top brands manufactured necklaces that they were incredibly influenced by. The designers even tried replicating the necklaces into their greatest most precious forms. similar pendants They may not have been what we’d call the ultimate best ones in the market but they’re also considered to be of top-notch quality.

In the results above, we were able to find many necklaces that were inspired by the “heart of the ocean” necklace. similar pendants Each had its own spark that drew you right into its orbit. The manufacturers did a fine job of extracting the very essence of the necklace and featuring it in the piece.

Can you get a similar pendant like the one in titanic?


Angara Bezel-Set Solitaire Heart Natural Blue Sapphire Pendant

Since we have been searching for inspiration for the “heart of the ocean” necklace, there’s one thing we can do. In the race of finding the most similar titanic, we’ve come to a great conclusion. What you can specifically do is get yourself a necklace that you customize on your own. similar pendant This means making a personalized heart-shaped natural blue sapphire.

You even have the choice to change the gemstone and enhance the overall color. similar pendant By customizing you can even take care of its price range. If you’re on a budget, select stones and carat sizes that you can easily afford. The best part about this piece is the lifetime warranty that it comes in. You can choose the kind of quality you want it to be. Just go on Amazon and list all the details you want in your piece, Angara will gladly service them all. similar pendant

Neoglory Blue pendant in the shape of a heart

Unlike the Angara pendant, no glory has made an effort in making the nearest replica of the “heart of the ocean”. Despite some additional changes in the design, the necklace looks exactly how you saw it in the movie. Since the original one isn’t available anymore, many brands tried replicating the design into different gemstones. similar Similarly, no glory set a Swarovski crystal in place of the blue sapphire with other crystals in place of the diamonds.

You get an amazing replica of the most iconic piece in history, in a pretty decent price range. This means getting yourself an incredible deal in exchange for a moderate price. The only downside is its lack of warranty. If you don’t like the piece you might not get its return value which can be a little worrisome. similar pendant However, since the price isn’t all that hefty, you can easily make the purchase.


Sterling Silver Heart of the Ocean Pendant-Necklace

As we all know sterling silver is the ultimate game-changer, putting it on the replica would be irresistible in itself. similar pendant That’s an explosive combination we would want in our jewelry collection. It’s a heart-shaped blue sapphire pendant that is surrounded by 24 white-colored sapphires. similar pendant Amanda rose collection has always served with the best designs in the market. They have never shied away from the spotlight giving their all to the jewelry industry. similar pendant That’s exactly what we see in this glamorous heart-shaped pendant.

The design may be a replica but has its class and quality defined by the brand it belongs to. Since there’s no warranty, you can buy it from the company to have a clear-minded purchase. However, the purchase comes with a heavy price range that we’ll be hesitant to do. similar  The overall piece comes with high-quality materials that you can work on.

Titanic Heart of the Ocean Necklace, AILUOR Silver Necklace Pendants

Ailour’s glamorous titanic was inspired and influenced by titanic’s “heart of the ocean”. similar pendant It’s one of the most impactful jewelry designs in the industry. It is overall constructed from rhodium-plated brass which efficiently captures the uniqueness of the piece. The heart-shaped pendant is manufactured with rhinestones and Swarovski that reflect light beautifully.

It has a chain that is 18 inches long which means it rests well over your breastbone. similar  This would give everyone a clear view of the piece, making it the ultimate best choice for you. similar pendant Since the piece is incredibly inexpensive, the material quality isn’t all that great either. It is also too small to be called a statement piece.


Blue Topaz Heart Necklace Sterling Silver

Kay jewelers strike with one of their best creations in the market. similar  The daunting combination of blue topaz and sterling silver gives such an incredible glamour to your piece. The color is pretty cooled down which makes it yet another unique way of combing colors for pendants. similar pendant The is hypoallergic so it won’t irritate your skin even if you have sensitive skin. Its warranty is easily available so you don’t have to worry about it either. It comes in a moderate price range so you can purchase it with ease.


There are many jewelry pieces that we have the chance of seeing on television and at markets. None of them have had a long-lasting impact on us like the “heart of the ocean” pendant has. similar pendant It’s a one-of-a-kind design that you may have never seen before. It’s even backed by such a heart-touching scene that we might never be able to get it out of our heads.

It’ll be a long time before we ever forget a necklace like this. It deserves all the praise and importance it got in the movie but we have never seen anything like it. similar pendant It would be great to have a reminder of that piece by purchasing something like it.

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