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Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event and every bride wants to look perfect and beautiful on their wedding day. A wedding dress is the most important thing for a bride but the look is incomplete without a perfect set of jewelry with it. Marcasite necklace is specially designed by professional artisans keeping in mind the needs and desires of a bride.
The right choice of wedding jewelry with your dress makes you outshine and makes you more confident. Every design has its value and it has a story behind it just like our own lives. All these designs are very popular and you can spot different celebrities wearing marcasite necklaces on their birthdays and weddings.


We have brought you five marcasite necklaces that are best for your wedding:


Jewel Exclusive has a wide range of necklaces for formal occasions. This silver sterling black diamond necklace is one of their best articles from the wedding collection.
This heart-shaped black diamond necklace goes along with all colors of wedding dress, especially the lighter colors like white, pink, and lavender. The sterling silver chain of 18 inches holds this artistic pendant. The sophisticated look makes this necklace special and what can be a more special day than your wedding. Marcasite stone used in this pendant is around the fair cut of black color. This heart shape represents the love and trust which is the essence of any wedding and connection between two people. You can buy this marcasite necklace for your partner at a wedding to show your love. This necklace comes with a gift box, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping it.


With-Love Silver Store has designed this amazing necklace with a surprisingly new design. The weight of the pendant is 1.8g and the chain is 0.87 inches long. A large ring of fine sterling silver with 14 fine cut marcasite stones is bound with three petal-style hooks. If you’re kind of a person who doesn’t like the ordinary and you’re bored of wearing the same old designs of jewelry, this new and unique is something you should buy for sure. Its unique style has the potential of making a wedding dress look special. This pendant gets along with any dress because of the design that has beautiful art of petals and round rings in it. Any wedding dress with floral prints can make the best pair with this pendant. If your friend also dislikes ordinary people just like yourself, you can give them this pendant as a birthday present or a wedding gift because they would surely love it. To save you from the hustle of packing and wrapping, this marcasite pendant comes with a very presentable gift box.



Morgan and Paige’s marcasite enamel tree of life is a beautiful blend of fashion, nature, and beauty. The chain measuring 18 inches holds this beautiful pendant and 9 fine cut round-shaped marcasite stones border the pendant. The pendant has a tree of life crafted on it which symbolizes a ray of growth and prosperity. The tree of life is designed in pink marcasite which cant go unnoticed at any special event of yours, for instance, the wedding day. Marriages are the union of two people who promise to live and grow together and in many cultures across the World, the tree of life is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. This is every girl’s dream to live her life with happiness and prosperity. Just like its essence this pendant is safe for your skin and specially made for sensitive types of skin. Wear this elegant marcasite necklace on your wedding day and hope for a brighter future ahead. This marcasite necklace comes with a very nice gift box, so if you want to wish someone prosperity in their life, your first choice should be a tree of life marcasite necklace.


This pendant is another piece of art carrying lots of emotions and love in it. 18 round-shaped marcasite stones are used In the making of this alluring pendant and heart-shaped pearls are very nicely fitted into it. Its amazing design makes it perfect for not just weddings or formal parties, they are best for everyday use as well. If you plan to give your loved one something that can show your love for them, you should not miss this appealing marcasite necklace which has the shape of the heart and “love” written on it. This is a perfect gift for valentine’s day, birthday, and anniversary.



Silver insanity has this gorgeous necklace for you with a combination of turquoise and marcasite. Both gemstones have graceful effects separately and their union does wonders. The turquoise stone used in the pendant is 20 mm round shaped with an estimated weight of 12.5 grams. The pendant hangs on an antique Italian silver chain. Turquoise is a lucky stone for people born in November and December. Any bride would love to match her dress with such a piece of elegant jewelry which comes with good luck. November and December are months of special events like weddings, Christmas and Diwali. Art Deco turquoise necklace is a necklace of festivals and you should buy this for yourself and gift it to the people you care for.


Weddings are special occasions and everything about a wedding is exciting and blissful. Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect and memorable. From dresses to decorations, we take care of everything during weddings, so why compromise on your jewelry. Marcasite necklace made with love and care keeping in mind your emotion.

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Weddings are a special occasion and buying a marcasite necklace will uplift your look. Click now to find out about a startling collection of marcasite jewelry.

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