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Sarees at the classical outfits that you can wear on all occasions whether you are going for a formal or casual event. Wearing a jewellery with saree is a challenging task because there is a wide range of jewelry options available in the market and a diverse collection of sarees makes it a hassle. People usually wonder which jewelry pieces will go well with sarees so here we are with the list of best Jewellery stores.


Jewellery stores

Jewelry stores: jewelry for saree options

  • BlueNile
  • James Allen
  • JTV
  • Helzberg Diamonds
  • Reeds Jewelers
  • Zales
  • Silpada
  • Weary
  • Super Jeweler
  • Kay
  • Jared
  • Diamonds USA
  • Szul
  • Ross-Simons
  • Jeulia

Gold chokers:

Jewelry stores offer gold chokers with an oxidized finish look that pair well with the sarees. They offer a boho/ hippie look to your overall appearance. The outstanding silver pendants with the drop earring sets carved with the floral designs and crystal embellishments make you look gorgeous. The contemporary look with the oxidized jewelry pieces will lift the entire look of your sarees. these gold sets fall well over your neckline giving you a beautifully elegant look. the boho embellishments with crystals and contemporary metal in combination give you a beautiful look.

Diamond jewelry:

The beautiful shine of all the diamond Jewellery gives the perfect mesmerizing look to your overall personality. Diamonds are all about depicting your personality. The choker sets in diamond with the diamond earrings and delicate rings enhance the look of your sarees making you look gorgeous. Diamond jewelry has been a women’s favorite luxurious staple for several decades. It makes you look mesmerizing, so shop from your favorite Jewelry stores.

Jewellery stores


Pearls look great on a saree. The white color of the pearls goes well on the saree colors. They match well with the bold colors of the saree and they give you an incredible look and enhance the entire look of your personality. Sarees are all about attaining a bold, confident look. They make you look sleek and mesmerizing by just pairing them with pearls.

Three-layered style necklace:

The three layers tiered necklace at Jewelry stores come with the first layer of green beads or other color beads like red, blue, or yellow. The second layer is made from the Kundan stones while the third layer is made from the art beads which makes it a stylish necklace giving you a statement look. This is one of the best glamourous necklaces when paired with sarees. It is a jewelry piece that gives you a contemporary look with drop length necklace. You can pair this necklace with beautiful earrings that give you a drop-dead gorgeous look!

Oxidized charm necklace:

The oxidized charm necklace is either available in silver or gold plating and they look mesmerizing when you pair them with sarees. You can pair them with contrasting color sarees or you can choose the same colors but it will make you look special. Fall in love with this beautiful necklace that comes with different charms and colors featuring the oxidized finish look that gives your modern chic look.

Jewellery stores

Coin temple necklace:

The coin temple necklace comes with fine quality stones that serve as a luxurious and meaningful signature jewelry piece for all occasions. You can pair it with your sarees while going to a party dine out with friends or family members wedding occasions and so on. It is one of the luxury jewelry pieces with the coins settled on a neckline giving you an exclusive look. You can easily wear it on special occasions like Valentine’s Day anniversaries and so on because it is a beautiful necklace that goes well with all saree types.

BOHO jewelry options:

Try wearing the Bohemian jewelry which is oxidized and makes you look beautiful. Give yourself a stylish, statement look that makes you look simple and gorgeous at the same time. The oxidized jewelry pieces go well with the pattern printed or cotton sarees. They give you an undeniable casual feel. They go well for daytime and nighttime occasions. They look trendy and make you look fashionable full storm it gives you an appealing confident lock and makes you look distinct within the gathering.

Stonework jewelry:

People who love wearing versatile modern fabric sarees should opt for stonework jewelry because they pair well with your beautiful sarees. They look sensational and make you look stylish. You can wear stonework in gold or silver or both or play with different color stones pairing them with stud earrings which enhances the entire beauty of your lightweight sarees. You can also wear your stonework pendants with statement earrings giving your distinct appearance.

Jewellery stores

Bangles and kadas:

Apart from earrings or necklaces, there are other accessories that you can use for styling your sarees. You can use kadas or bangles. Try wearing these modern chic accessories listed above and wear bangles and kadas with thick material with less detailing that can make you look beautiful and enhance the look of your sarees. The bangles at Jewelry stores are available in different sizes and different designs colors and styles which go well with your sarees. Sarees are incomplete without wearing the bangles. You can choose the bridal bangles, Punjabi style, Jaipur style bangles, crystal touch bangles, danglers, and Polki colors that match well with your sarees and go well for all occasions.


Wearing anklets with your sarees is a ruling accessory that makes you look remarkable. whether you are carrying a pant saree or a trendy saree for your bridal occasions you need an anklet. Choose an anklet that styles well with your saree and which makes you look gorgeous at the event. Anklets are a perfect accessory to style your feet.


Sarees are an ethereal feminine attire that makes you look fresh and complete offering an exclusive personality. Adding accessories to your sarees can enhance your ethnic look with make you look beautiful like a fashionista. Hope this guide helps you in your search for jewelry stores.

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