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How much do different types of diamond earrings cost?


There’s nothing more enchanting than a pair of diamond earrings. Despite all the amazing jewelry out there, diamond earrings truly take the cake in all aspects. They have their own versatile style that lets you wear them over any kind of outfit. Their breathtaking beauty has always room for you to mix them up and wear them with any kind of jewelry. You can even do a combination of necklaces with these beauties to enhance your iconic look.

It’s all about finding what works best for you and adding an all-new spark to it. If there was a market full of other types of jewelry, we’d choose diamond earrings time and time again. There’s just no comparison which is why the question of getting such jewelry will always be a YES! The only problem is to decide which one you would actually prefer to buy.

Each type of diamond has a different price range and quality. The heavier the diamond is, the more expensive it would be. Surely you know how demanding the diamond market is. You just have to be sure about the kind of budget you’d want to have and go from there. It’s never just about your taste but the matter of whether you can afford such an amount of diamonds or not.

How much do different types of diamond earrings cost?


How to shop for diamond earrings

Since shopping for diamond earrings depends upon the kind of earrings you’d like to purchase, it can be a little overwhelming. Diamond jewelry is no joke and you’d never want to be in a position of purchasing the wrong jewelry. No one ever knows whose selling authentic jewelry and who isn’t. It’s a process that needs to be followed with utter patience to acknowledge all the things that could go wrong. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered all the information we could about it so you can start your process from there.

Know what you can afford:

For something such as diamond jewelry, it’s important to set a budget and know your limits. Diamond earrings come with a hefty cost that most of us can’t afford. If you want to gift it to your loved one but still want to stay within your budget, choose one through the carats. Each and every carat weight has a different price set in. The price range for a 0.10-carat size is between $500-$1000. For 0.50, its between $1000 to $2000. Then we jump to 1.000 carat which is around $2000 to $4000 and so on. The price range for 2.50 carat is between $14000 to $15000.

These are all the average prices for diamond studs that you can surely purchase according to their weight. This way you’ll have a proper idea about the carat sizes and their price ranges. A little trick is to basically be completely aware of the carat size of both earrings and not just one. Ask the shopkeeper about the prices and the sizes.

If the carat size for the earrings is written as 1.00 be sure to ask whether it’s for both earrings. That way you won’t have any surprises at the cash counter. The best way to quickly get over the whole shopping process is to specifically stick to your budget. Look only for sizes below 1.00 carat if you don’t want to spend much on diamond earrings.

4C’s of every diamond jewelry

Now, this is something all jewelry enthusiasts should be well acquainted with. These are the features added to the diamond earrings to make them more appealing.


We all know a carat is the size and weight of a diamond. The larger the size and weight of the diamond you aim for, the more expensive it would be. Carat determines how much weight and big the diamond really is. It has the most effect on the price of the jewelry.


This is the shape of the diamond and has its own price range. It is because of the popularity and demand for certain diamond cuts. The round cut in diamond earrings is quite famous and therefore is more expensive as compared to others. Some other cuts include cushion, princess, teardrop, and oval. This is what makes the whole search for the right earrings that much more complicated.


You can probably tell from the name what we’re actually going to be talking about here. Diamonds that are most clear are highly expensive. Stones that have no imperfections mean they were mined naturally and are pretty authentic. This saves you from actually finding out whether a diamond you’ve chosen is real or not.


Coming to the color, you need to be completely sure that the diamond earrings you buy have the same color. This means finding earrings that even if they have a hint of color, both studs should have the same shade as well. Diamonds with no color are highly expensive, however, ones with a little grey, pink or yellow are more affordable. Despite them being a little rare to find, make sure whatever color you choose, they should be of the same color.

Choose the design:

The last part you have to follow through with is to choose a diamond earring style of your choice. It depends on the kind of occasion you want to buy it for. If you’re going for something casual, stud earrings are the best for that. If you want something for a special event then you can get ones that are more stylish. Teardrops, dangle and drop, anything can work.


Diamond earrings are some of the most luxurious jewelry you can ever find for yourself. You’ll always be at an advantage while having them as they can be worn with any outfit. If you’re ever in a pickle of not finding matching jewelry for yourself, you can always turn to these beauties. They will never disappoint you and have that ever-lasting shine that you never fade away. So even if you do spend a fortune on this piece of jewelry, you should be satisfied with its durability. Know that the jewelry would last a lifetime.

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Diamond earrings might look amazing but not everyone can afford them. Make your search easy and find ways to purchase diamond earrings that are within your budget.

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