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Can you get a charm for under $50?

Charm jewelry with expensive metals gold or even gemstones is truly something no one on a budget can afford. Charms are tiny element-like accessories that are made with elemental designs. These charms are then attached to your bracelet and necklace to make them easy to wear. Charms are a great way to etch the memories spent by you forever within your heart. It’s the way people immortalize their memories and recall them whenever they look at the charms.

This is exactly why charm jewelry is so special. It can be a great present as well. You can be able to communicate how important that person is to you and let’s face it, charms are cute. They are small and quirky little things that you can keep with you for the rest of your life. If the jewelry is the result of a sentimental gesture, people prefer to wear it all the time.

You can even come up with great ways to present these kinds of charm gifts to your loved ones. However, it’s best if you make things easier by getting charms that aren’t all that expensive. This is especially if you’re on a budget. If you thought you wouldn’t be able to find charm jewelry within $50, then you’re wrong. Thankfully we’ve got your back and listed some of the best charm jewelry below. All the items are mentioned with their descriptions so you can make an informed decision before buying them.

Can you get a charm for under $50?


Sterling Paw Print Adjustable Bracelet, Dog Lover Pet Mom Jewelry, Dog Memorial Bracelet

Friendship charms are all that anybody’s been talking about. We can’t deny that it’s a great gift idea to give to your friend on her next birthday. You can even get one with a hidden meaning or something that your friend would love. Instead of getting something that looks pretty, why not get something that relates to your friend or partner’s interests?

If your friend’s a dog lover, get them a charm bracelet like this is they can wear it anywhere they want. The charm is made up of sterling silver with a little cute paw engraved over it. It’s an adjustable band like a bracelet that you can easily fit the size of your wrist. It would make a great choice as your friend would love to wear something of her preference.

Red Thread Kaballah Evil Eye Lucky Enameled Charm Bracelet for Women Protection

People who believe that there does exist an evil eye that can affect your luck and your life, take precautions. Most of these precautions include an evil eye symbol that looks like an eye. It is made into a charm that you can wear attached to a chain around your neck or on your wrist like a bracelet.

This is an evil eye charm bracelet that is enameled with a red thread that is fashioned as a bracelet. It can also be adjusted according to your wrist size. It is a women’s protection bracelet and is designed beautifully. That way you can wear it wherever you go as it isn’t made like a typical tacky evil eye bracelet. It also has beads placed on either side of the evil eye charm to make it prettier.




Wedding Jewelry for Bride to Be Bridal Silver Expandable Charm Bracelet

Looking for some bridal shower gifts for your friend? Don’t limit yourself to those typical bridal presents. If you’re the one arranging the shower, come up with innovative ways to make it more meaningful for your friend. Give her a memory she won’t forget or a reminder in the shape of a charm.

It would be a great gift as it would always make them think about happy times. The bracelet is made with an expandable wire that you can adjust according to your wrist size. It is a bride-to-be bracelet that you can present to your friend as a bridal gift. Since marriage is a special event for someone, gifting them something like this would be amazing.

Nordstrom New York Knicks Jersey Charm Necklace

If you’re a Knicks superfan like Joey from friends, jewelry like these would attract you the most. This is a charm necklace that you can wear at your next Knicks game. There’s nothing better than wearing jewelry for things you love. The necklace gives a casual yet classy vibe that would go amazingly with a casual everyday outfit.

Pair it with some flashy earrings and you’d get your very own game style. The charm is right in the center and is embellished and shaped in the form of a football jersey. This is specifically a Knicks football jersey which looks quite cute and tiny.

New York Knicks Jersey Charm Necklace

Charm necklaces aren’t just about quirky charms dangling from their very center. Nordstrom has proved that you can get charms that are elegant looking with different tiny pendants dangling from them. The necklace looks pretty amazing with a sterling silver chain necklace. The necklace is combined with great gold-plated pendants that gleam right in the center. Overall the necklace looks incredible and would be a wonderful choice for you.


Personalized And A Hand imprinted Name Plate Gold Bar Bracelet Excellent Gift For Women – 3BR

The best part about choosing charms as a wonderful gift is the many ways you can personalize them. This is exactly what this bracelet is about. It can be plated with any kind of metal and can be used for many different purposes. You can customize the charms by adding phrases or names of your partner or friends. The would be a great present for a loved one.


Charm jewelry is a great idea to get your friends if you’re going for something thoughtful. It makes the gesture of giving them a gift that much more meaningful. If you’re getting this deal at a low price that’s below $50, then there’s nothing greater than this. For this reason alone, we’ve got some of the best charm jewelry pieces for you. Make sure that you focus on that and nothing more.

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