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Jewelry collection for charity

Charity is all about sharing love and peace amongst each other, and what is the better idea than getting your hands on jewelry pieces which are attractive and look great? No charity collection is complete without showcasing some beautiful jewelry pieces that bring positivity around you. To help you add perfect jewelry pieces to your charity collection, we are here to help you out and we have listed some stunning pieces which can add the perfect sparkle to your charity collection.

Jewelry collection for charity


Kind human necklace:

This necklace is all about saying a huge thanks to the amazing workers plus the craftsmanship. This necklace is made from sterling silver, having a gold plating which makes the necklace a self-treat for charity. Moreover, it serves as a thoughtful gift to share happiness and love with the special people around you. Moreover, it comes with 18 characters hand-stamped, creating a bespoke piece.

Butterfly of hope necklace:

The butterfly of hope symbol represents love, optimism, and positivity. The design of this necklace has a great impact on kindness. What makes this necklace a unique choice is that it’s handcrafted using sterling silver with a delicate circular beautiful pendant which hangs from the 18’’ chain. Moreover, this necklace is engraved using a butterfly design.

Hope is then stamped using hand over the reverse, creating a unique, original keepsake for inspiring courage and strength for the wearer, which is most needed. This necklace is a perfect gift for the special one having positive vibes with ultimate care.



Share an open hug ring:

This is another jewelry piece for a charity that is the latest addition to the charity collection. It is a wonderful jewelry piece created with sterling silver and gold plating. A huge open ring comes in one size, which adjusts well with the finger size. Moreover, it comes with a certain special unique message which is close to your heart, supporting the brilliant work of craftsmen.

Share a hug bangle:

This beautiful bangle is created for a wonderful charity that is handcrafted using sterling silver which is then gold plated with a personalized message over the bangle. It comes with a personalized message which is close to the heart supporting brilliant work and rebuilding lives. The message is so great that it is extremely close to the hearts.

Venus necklace:

Next on our list of jewelry collections for charity is the venus necklace which comes in a sleek, contemporary design. This sleek-looking venus pendant represents strength, empowerment, and feminism. What makes this necklace unique for charity is that it helps in improving life expectancy and reduces inequalities with integrated and holistic services.


Rockinghorse charity necklace:

These exclusive, personalized charity rings are designed to cherish wonderful moments. These jewelry pieces are genuine, and they look great with gold plating. Moreover, they are personalized with characters giving this necklace a special touch.

Equality necklace:

These personalized necklaces come in silver with diamonds or gemstones studded on them, which helps in fighting against racism and ensures justice for all. This beautiful necklace ensures that we strive hard to make this world a better place with the complete fight against systemic racism.

Light up your occasions with beautiful necklaces, which are finished in such a way that they offer enough luster and shine, reflecting the light. Moreover, they are highly polished and finished in such a way that they look practical, classy, and extremely comfortable jewelry pieces.

Diamond angel wings necklace:

This is another great jewelry piece that looks great for charity collections. Fall in love with the sterling silver necklace that features angel wings that are studded with black and white diamonds. Moreover, it comes with a Rolo chain having a lobster claw clasp with diamonds ensuring that it looks sparkling and mesmerizing with the collection. The black diamonds uplift the entire look of this necklace, giving it a great feel.


Crystal necklace:

Next on our list of jewelry collections is the crystal necklace which is designed in such a way that it looks beautiful and aesthetically appealing from every angle you see. It is a perfect piece of jewelry added to the collection for charity. What you’ll love about this necklace is that it comes with a classic, dainty chain having rose quartz stone which expresses universal love.

Moreover, it symbolizes harmony and trust within relationships leading to endless, unconditional love. This sterling silver pendant necklace is perfect for a night-out look or the casual daytime look spreading love and positivity around you.

Two-tone bangle:

This is another great addition to the charity jewelry collection, which represents growth or new beginnings. It is a constant reminder for bringing joy to people. It is a meaningful bangle that is adjustable and comes with beautiful charms reminding adoration plus goodness. This innovative adorable bangle is a great choice and serves as a timeless piece for keeping in a charity collection.

Twist cross pendant necklace:

This great twist cross pendant necklace is a mesmerizing creation with a beautiful twist of sparkling diamonds and shimmer. It is crafted in a beautiful way that looks great on the neckline. This unique pendant necklace is designed to uplift the entire look of plunging necklines giving your collarbone a mesmerizing look.

A charity jewelry collection is a way to share love, passion, friendship, and endless relationships with each other. It is a way to share your love and equality. With our outstanding list of jewelry pieces to add to your charity collection, you won’t regret it later as they are designed in such a way that they spread positivity and endless love to all individuals around you!

So, what are you waiting for? Shop the mesmerizing, eye-catching pieces now to add to your collection of beautiful pieces.
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