Wholesale Marcasite Earring

Different types of earrings and why do you need Wholesale Marcasite Earring?

Wholesale Marcasite Earring

Wholesale Marcasite Earring If you’re the one who wants to look classy all the time then investing on beautiful Wholesale Marcasite Earring can be a great addition to your jewelry collection. Earrings are the most famous pieces of jewelry and everyone wears it including men as well.

The history of earrings can be dated back to many years ago and almost every individual in the primitive civilization wore earrings. The way you wear earrings can symbolize different meanings in every different culture. If you are wearing a single earring on-ear, it may have two different meanings in two different cultures.

Wholesale Marcasite Earring

The kind of Wholesale Marcasite Earring you wear is dependable for different reasons. It can be your reason as well. Like what kind of style you prefer the shape, the length, and what suits your face. So it is essential to know what kind of style you are looking for and it can help you change your whole look. Because earrings play an important role in enhancing or destroying one’s appearance.Wholesale Marcasite Earring So choose wisely! Here we have different kinds of earrings which you must select according to your style and preference.

  • Studs 

The most simple and common design among earrings is the studs. No doubt that there is a huge variety in their sizes and designs, but the basic one does not change. The stud is an adornment that sits flat on the surface of your ear often having a design of ball or a pretty stone. Cluster earrings are also the as same the stud earrings. Having the same basic structure, these Wholesale Marcasite Earring are created using different stones and then polished nicely to them a shiny look. 

  • Drop earrings:

Drop earrings are somehow the as same stud earrings, but as per their name, they fall below your ears. Their big design calls for different designs and multiple choices. 

  • Dangle earrings:

Dangles can be seen as a twisted form of drop earrings. They too fall below vertically on your ears but there’s a slight difference. The drop earrings are not likely to move a lot, but this bigger dangle 925 sterling earrings move freely to the front and back. They come in more designs than the drop earrings. 

  • Jacket:

Jacket earrings are a more trendy and chic version of earrings. Being alike to the stud earrings, they too have a basic stone or piece to grip the earring in its spot, whereas all of the measures are taken at the back of the ear. The main part of jacket earrings is behind the ear and they dangle vertically, giving a modern appearance.

  • Hoop earrings:

Hoops are round, big shaped earrings according to their name.Wholesale Marcasite Earring They come in different styles and designs but are not longer than the shoulder length. As it would not look decent. A wire passes through your pierced ear, which makes it a full circle. Although they have a circular shape, to add some modern style to it, you can find triangular or square hoops as well. 

  • Huggies:

Huggies are alike hoops, being large and having a circular shape. But their sizes are what make them different.Wholesale Marcasite Earring Huggies are very small when compared to hoops and they give a tighter look on the ear. Huggies have a concentrated and smart appearance. 

  • Chandeliers:

Similar to dangle earrings, which also hang below your ears. But the difference is in its shape. It is elongated earrings that look similar to a chandelier. Such earrings have an elegant and luxurious look.

  • Teardrop earrings:

Teardrop earrings have a classic vibe.Wholesale Marcasite Earring They are like dangle earrings but they hang very low below your earlobes. They are decorated with stylish stones or pearls which have a design like a teardrop. Such earrings, like chandeliers, are considered more elegant as compared to studs or other basic earrings. 

  • Ear cuffs:

They are very special kinds of earrings. They follow the structure of the ear and go all the up to the curve of your ear. They tend to start from the lobe part.

  • Threaders:

They are very simple, elongated, and thin earrings that fall below your ears. They look more attractive by putting on shiny stones and different other precious gems. 

Why do you need 925 silver earrings?

Wholesale Marcasite Earring

  • Durable:

If you take proper care and store them in a clean and dry place, Wholesale Marcasite Earring can last forever. Some people are of the view that it will stay with us forever, but this is only possible if you clean it more often. High-quality sterling silver is not very cheap. So its high price makes it very strong and durable. 

  • Silver jewelry never goes out of style:

Jewelry trends are something that keeps changing now and then. But if you want to follow the trends, then you must own sterling silver jewelry and earrings, because this the single form of jewelry that never gets old. And always remains in style. Adding stones to your silver jewelry can make them look even more eye-catching.

  • Non-reactive kind of metal:

The composition of sterling silver makes it favorable for every kind of skin. As it contains no nickel which makes silver a non-reactive metal. So if you are someone with sensitive skin, the sterling silver jewelry will best suit you. It causes no irritation or any kind of harm to your skin.

  • Sterling silver is the most versatile:

Wholesale Marcasite Earring are known to be the most versatile kinds of gems. Because it is appropriate for any kind of event. Whether an office meeting calls or a wedding ceremony, you can always pair silver products with your outfit and look versatile! Combing white gold with silver can be a good choice.

  • Easy maintenance:

Silver is a single metal that does not need heavy cleaning or maintenance. You can easily clean it with wipes and some jewelry cleaning solution and your products will glow like as if they are straight out of the store.  It is also good for individuals who have less time but want to wear jewelry แหวนเงินแท้ that does not require time taking maintenance. 

Wholesale Marcasite Earring