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Marcasite jewelry has been around for centuries, with early examples discovered in Incan ruins and Egyptian tombs. Marcasite was thought to have therapeutic properties and was often used as a healing stone. Many cultures also believed marcasite would attract wealth and inspire creativity.


Marcasite: A Metallic Shimmer with Antique Flair

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It was during Queen Victoria’s reign that marcasite jewelry gained great popularity. After her husband died, Queen Victoria donned only dark clothing and jewelry to symbolize her widowhood, and the masses followed suit. Marcasite brooches were a Victorian favorite, as well as lockets, cameos and earrings.

The marcasite used in jewelry today is a form of iron pyrite. With its metallic luster and fiery sparkle, marcasite has also been called Fool’s Gold. When cut with facets, marcasite shimmers like tiny diamonds, but is much more affordable.


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